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Sport horse auction during Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2017

On the auction list there are selected 12 horses that have sports predispositions for show jumping or eventing. The auction will take place on Saturday, the 30th of September, but from Thursday the buyers will have the opportunity to test and check out the horses in the venue of the event – Pałac Baborówko (Greater Poland, near Szamotuły, Poland).


The schedule of the auction during Baborówko Horse Sale Show

Test riding of horses selected to bidding will take place on Arena B on Thursday (September 28th, from 12.00 am to 18.00 pm) and on Friday (September, 29th, from 15.00 pm to 18.00 pm). During test riding the buyers will have the possibility to consult the veterinary examinations with the official veterinary of Baborówko Horse Sale Show, Maciej Przewoźny.

Official presentation of the horses selected to the auction will take place on Saturday, the 30th of September, on Arena A at 16.30. The auction will take place in the Wooden Barn on Saturday in the eventing.

Simple conditions of the auction for the buyers

The Terms and conditions of the auction are written that way to make the bidding simple for the buyers:

  • the buyers don’t need to register before the auction;
  • no paid deposit is required to participate in the bidding;
  • the buyer have to pay a total contract value not later than 3 days after the purchase.

For the auction there are selected 12 horses and among them are:

Monito with catalogue number 01

Monito is 5 years old gelding bred in Janów Podlaski Stud. Monito is a horse with a great attitude and elastic movement and these features allow him to score high in dressage tests.

Monito’s sire is thoroughbred stallion San Luis xx who had an impressive racing career. As 2-9 years old horse he was taking part in flat races on 1200-3800m distances and as 10-11 years old in steeple chases. Throughout 10 seasons San Luis xx had competed 55 times and only 4 times missed paid places. He was great in long distances races and steeple chases winning Wielka Warszawska (x2), Sexman Price, Czad Price and A. Falewicz Price. Monito’s dam is half- Arabian mare Moldau III by Shahir.

Monito is a wonderful eventing horse, competing successfully in national classes on regular basis.

CNC L – 100 cm – Racot 2017 – 5 pl. (D:43,6 XC:0/0 SJ:0)
CNC L – 100 cm – Facimiech  2017 – 4 pl. (D: 46,4 XC:0/0 SJ:0)
CNC L – 100 cm – Racot 2017 – 9 pl. (D: 52,5 XC: 0/3,2 SJ:0)


Quentin with catalogue number 02

Quentin is 5years old Holstein gelding presenting strong, accurate conformation and elastic movement in all three paces. Quentin has also very good jumping technique and power of the jump.

Quentin’s sire is Holstein stallion Quintero (Quintero la Silla, Quintero ASK) ridden by Rolfem Goran-Bengsstonem. This combination has a number o great achievements CSI5* Geneva, CSI5* Leipzig, CSI5* Paris, 6th place in World Cup Final- Goteborg 2013 and others. In the male pedigree line of Quintero, we can find such a famous horses as  Quidam de Revel, Jalisco B, Alme Z & Cor de la Bryere. Quentin’s dam is Alessandra by Clearway out of the dam by Alcatraz. Clearway is a son of legendary Holstein stallion Capitol I representing the line of thoroughbred stallion Cottage Son xx who left such an honorable stallions as Carthago Z, Cento, Indoctro. In the female line of Alessandra, we can find well-known in German breeding stallion Sacramento Song xx.

Quentin is talented show jumping horse who already started competing in this discipline.

L – 100 cm – Olsza 07.2017 – 0 p.
L1 – 105 cm – Strzegom 04.2017 – 1 p.
L – 100 cm – Leszno 03.2017 – 0 p.


Tissot with catalogue number 03

Tissot is 4 years old Wielkopolska horse gelding representing modern sports type of horse. Tissot is a gifted jumper with very good technique and great power of jump.

Tissot’s sire is Cassilio by superb Holstein stallion Cassini I who is a son of legendary stallion Capitol I and Capitol I descends from the pedigree line of Cottage Son xx – father of such a famous horses as Carthago, Calato, Carolus I and II, Cento, Cardento and C-Indoctro. Cassilio’s mother- M-Heraldik is a daughter of well-known stallion Heraldik xx, who was the most often used thoroughbred stallion in Germany. Tissot’s dam is Wielkopolska horse mare Talia by amazing well- known stallion Landjonker S. In Landjonker S’ pedigree horses such as  Ladykiller xx, Farnese, Ramzes or Argentinus can be found.

Tissot is a very good-tempered and brave horse. He has successfully competed in show jumping competition but is also very promising eventing horse.

L – 100 cm – Jakubowice 2017 – 2 p.
LL – 90 cm – Jakubowice 2017 – 0 p.
LL – 80 cm – Barlinek 2017 – 1 p.


Modena with catalogue number 04

Modena is 4 years old Anglo-Arabian mare of a distinguished, noble and light conformation and very elastic movement.

Modena’s sire is stallion Szkrab by Arcus xx. Arcus xx was multi medalist of Polish Championships in show jumping, including being the Champion of Poland, in several age categories.  Szkarb’s dam- Szampanka belongs to a family of Sultane oo mares, which has given: Polish Champion in Eventing Szał (by Cynik xx) and medalist of Polish Eventing Championships Szaleniec (by Colorado hann.) Modena’s dam is Mocca by Baryt- a stallion successfully competing at 3*level in eventing.

Modena was placed second in 2 years old mares’ category in International Anglo-Arabian Championships in Pompadour (France) in 2015. Modena has just started training and competing in eventing.


Emon with catalogue number 05

Emon is 4 years old stallion bred in Janów Podlsaki Stud. Emon presents very elegant and strong conformation.

His sire is Anglo-Arabian stallion Frazes (Sebastia – Fryga by Judex xx) bred in Walewice Stud. Frazes is an excellent sire which won Polish Championships of Young Horses and got top places in many national and international show jumping competitions including 4th place in Polish Championships for Seniors. Frazes’ offspring successfully compete in show jumping and eventing. Emon’s dam is Emarilla (Decoration – Emfaza by Kwartet). In 2004 Emarilla was Youngster Champion of International Anglo-Arabian Championships in Neustadt-Dosse.

Emon is promising young stallion, talented eventing horse at the beginning of the sports career.


Qualteneder with catalogue number 06

Qualteneder is 6 years old Holstein gelding with excellent all three paces, great ridability, and power of the jump.

Qualteneder’s sire is Quality- splendid Holstein stallion who made a great international career in show jumping. Quality is a grandson of world famous sire Quidam de Ravel from the direct line of well-known Roman. Qualteneder’s dam is Venice IV by legendary Contender who was the trademark of Holstein breed for last quarter of a century. He was the most frequently used Holstein sire and had left almost two hundreds rewarded mares and forty stallions.

Qualteneder is in show jumping training, causing no problems in service and transport. He is an excellent horse for someone who is at the beginning of show jumping career.


Sentido with catalogue number 07

Sentido is 6 years old stallion with strong conformation and very good three paces. He regularly and successfully competes in eventing competitions; in 2015 Sentido was placed 6th in Polish Championships for Young Horses and he competes at 1* level this year.

Sentido’s sire is Anglo-Arabian stallion Huzar (by Jalienny, out of Huanita/Toledo). Huzar presents excellent, elastic and extended movement as well as great jumping abilities and very good technique of a jump. He has an accurate outline and a lot of charm. Huzar got a title of Vice-Champion of Young Horses both in eventing and show jumping. He was classified a number of times at the top places in international eventing competitions. Moreover in 2015 ridden by Pawel Warszawski got a bronze medal in Polish Championships in Eventing for Seniors. Sentido’s dam is Sorbona in whose mother’s pedigree (Synkalina xx) we can find a thoroughbred stallion Pawiment xx- the winner of o number of races in Germany, France, and the USA. Pawiment xx is seen as the biggest achievement in the breeding history of Iwno Stud.

Sentido is a promising eventing horse suitable for the non-professional rider at the start of sports career as well as well for an experienced rider.

CNC 1* – Racot 2017 – 9 pl. (D: 53,4 XC: 0/3,2 SJ: 0)
CNC P – 105 cm – Sopot 2017 – 2 pl. (D: 39,1 XC: 0/0 SJ: 4)
MPMK 5-years old – Strzegom 2016 – 6 pl. / 29,0  pkt. (D: 5,8 – XC: 15,5 – SJ: 7,7)
CNC P – 105 cm – Strzegom 2016 – 7 pl. (D: 55,8 XC: 0/2,4 SJ: 0)


Sydney with catalogue number 08

Sydney is 5 years old mare with excellent movement and great jumping technique. She’s very brave and confident in cross- country test.

Sydney’s sire is Bolshoi bred by Jan Greve, well known European owner of stallions such as Voltaire, Julio Mariner xx or Guidam. Jan Greve, as a first breeder in Holland, used thoroughbred Favoritas xx, a great jumper that succeeded at the biggest arenas in the world. Also, the female line of sire Bolshoi is full of famous horses such as Voltaire, who is the father of Bolshoi’s dam. Sydney’s dam is Simone a mare by great Holstein stallion Corland. In his sports career, Corland was at the top places in a number of prestigious competitions but he was also a great sire used by the biggest and most exclusive breeding associations: Hanoverian, Holstein, SWB, and KWPN. The best of the offspring seems to be mare Silvana, who with Kevin Staut got a silver medal of World Games in Lexington in 2010 and team silver at European Championships in Herning 2013.

Sydney is a promising mare with a huge talent for eventing; she is in regular training and competes getting top places in national eventing classes.

CNC P – 100 cm – Racot 2017 – 4 pl. (D: 55,4 XC: 0/0 SJ: 0)
L – 100 cm – Olsza 2017 – 0 p.
CNC L – 100 cm – Racot 2017 – 10 pl. (D: 53,5 XC: 0/0 SJ: 4)


Admirał with catalogue number 09

Admirał is 13 years old bay gelding extremely brave and confident in cross-country test.

Admirał’s sire is French bred Anglo-Arabian Vis Versa (Iago C – Nettete et Bein by Votez Bien) who has left a number of rewarded sports stallions and mares used in Poland.  Admirał’s dam is Aragorna by Szał. One of the biggest Szał’s sports achievements was winning Championship of Poland in Eventing.

Admirał is an experienced horse, competing (Paweł Spisak) at 2*& 3* level on regular basis. He is an ideal horse for the young rider at the beginning of international career in eventing.

CCI2* – Strzegom 05.2017 – 3 pl. (D: 44,4 XC: 0/2,4 SJ: 8)
CIC3* – Sopot 04.2017 – 21 pl. (D: 51,6 XC: 0/12,4 SJ: 12)
CIC2* Kreuth 04.2017 – 11 pl. (D:49,5 XC: 0/6 SJ:8)
CIC2* – Baborówko 05.2016 – 4 pl. (D: 48,0 XC: 0/6 SJ: 4)
CIC2* – Jaroszówka 04.2016 – 5 pl. (D: 46,4 XC: 0/3,6 SJ: 4)
CIC2* – Sopot 10.2015 – 5 pl. (D: 40,5 XC: 0/4 SJ: 4)
CIC2* – Sopot 08.2015 – 1 pl. (D: 36,9 XC: 0/0 SJ: 4)


Mystique with catalogue number 10

Mystique is 5 years old Holstein gelding. Well-built, presenting strong outline he has an exceptional power of the jump and very good technique of hindquarters.

Mystique’s sire is Mylrod Carthago- great selle francais stallion who was successfully ridden by world-class French rider Penelope Leprevost. This pair won Global Champions Tour GP CSI5* in Vienna, Nations Cup in Aachen and many others. One of the Mylord Carthago’s ancestors is legendary Holstein stallion Capitol I who is representing the line of thoroughbred stallion Cottage Son xx. Mystique’s dam is the granddaughter of famous sire Contendor who was the trademark of Holstein breed for last quarter of a century. He was the most frequently used Holstein sire and had left almost two hundreds rewarded mares and forty stallions.

Mystique is a very talented promising horse with lots of jumping potential. He is calm and causes no problem in service. Mystique has just begun competing on a national level. He is an ideal horse for the non-professional rider as well as for experienced athlete, who will introduce him to the high-level sport.


Fleur with catalogue number 11

Fleur is 4 years old compact mare with very good jumping technique.

Fluer’s sire is Holstein, grey stallion  Cayado (Clearway – Irrada by Calando I). On Cayado’s dam side of pedigree famous stallion Cor de la Bryere can be found twice.  Cayado has left a number of offspring successfully competing at the international level of show jumping Grand Prix competitions. Fleur’s dam is mare Urmel with well-known horses like Landgraf I, Ladykiller xx and Aloube Z in her pedigree.

Fleur has just begun to work under the saddle and is very willing to cooperate with the rider. Causing no problem in service and transport.


Cassens Coco Valentina with catalogue number 12

Cassens Coco Valentina is 7 years old Hanoverian mare- extremely charming, presenting accurate outline and balanced temper. She is very honest and bold in the cross-country test.

Her sire is Hanoverian stallion Canstakko. Excellent combination of such a superb stallions like Canturo and Stakkato results with great jumping abilities of Canstakko who successfully competes at the show jumping courses of GP4* ridden by Jennifer Fogh Pedersen. At the female line of Cassens Coco Valentina, a stallion Lauries Crusador xx is worth noticing. Without a doubt, he was one of the best thoroughbred stallions used in breeding half bred horses in the last years. In 2006 Lauries Crusador xx was rewarded as the best sire of Hanoverian Association. Over 2600 foals by this stallion were born so far. Lauries’ offspring presents very good movement.

Cassens Coco Valentina is in sports training. She competes regularly in eventing now reaching 1* level.

CNC1* – Racot  2017 – 8 pl. (D: 48,4 XC: 0/6,4 SJ: 10)
CNC P – Bogusławice 2017 – 11 pl. (D: 52,3 XC: 0/0 SJ:4)
CNC P – Sopot 2017 – 3 pl. (D: 51,9 XC: 0/0 SJ: 0)
CNC P – Kwieki 2016 – 6 pl. (D:55,1 XC:0/6,4 SJ:4)


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